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As we moved forward to online learning platform and program, we hope these variation will continue to deliver the needs that client always required wherever new technology may take us.


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Available courses:
  1. Building Fire Certificate: What to do? (16/3/21)
  2. Energy Management – Efficiency and Assessment (Online) (18/3/21)
  3. Kejuruteraan Sistem Lif (24/3/21)

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We offer the most comprehensive program, well experience trainer, exciting online platform.

We has developed a comprehensive range of training courses for various fields of technical, management and soft skills programme that have been specifically designed to accurately reflect the training requirements of today’s industry professionals.

All training courses are subject to continual audit, and delegates’ assessment is a vital element of each training program. This platform will provide fun and ease sessions for all our students.

With the assist of instructors from various backgrounds, we helped our clients to be more competitive in the business world through the latest corporate trends, technologies, strategies and solutions.

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