Electrical Motor System (9/3/2021)

  • Course level: Intermediate
  • Categories Technical
  • Duration 7h
  • Last Update February 23, 2021

About Course

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Date: 9 March 2021 | 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Seat: 25 seats
Language: Dual-language (English & Bahasa Malaysia)

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This course provides the opportunity to learn about electric AC/DC motors. Participant
will be introduced to the concept of various types of dc motors and induction motors.
Details explanation on the conventional and electronics-based speed and torque starter for
both type types of motors will be given.

The highlight of this course will be the practical problems associated with these motors and
their remedies will be explained to assist personnel from the maintenance department. With a detailed understanding of electric motors, this course will also help participants to troubleshoot the motors to minimize the overall cost of maintenance.

Modul 1: Introduction to Electrical Motor

  • Basic motor construction
  • Electrical principles¬—voltage, current, impedance Frequency, speed, and slip
  • Power factor

Modul 2: DC Motor

  • Control of DC Motor
  • Series, shunt, compound and permanent-magnet

Modul 3: Single Phase Motor

  • Motor’s criteria and function
  • Capacitor-start, shaded-pole, split-phase, repulsion and universal

Modul 4: Three Phase Motor

  • Motor’s criteria and function
  • Working Principles

Modul 5: Motor Selection

Module 6 – Inspection & Maintenance


Question & Answer

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand concept of various types of dc motors and induction motors
  • Troubleshoot the motors to minimize the overall cost of maintenance
  • Determine the components and operations of variable speed drives
  • Analyze the common faults in a variable speed drive

Material Includes

  • Digital Certificate
  • Online Class
  • Quiz Session
  • Q&A Support

Target Audience

  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Supervisor who are involved in the design, operation, and maintenance of AC/DC motor system
  • Recommended also for those who are fresh and interested to gain knowledge electrical motors