Mechanical & Electrical Engineering for Building (6-7/9/2021)

  • Course level: Beginner

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Date: 6 & 7 September 2021 | 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Seat: 25 seats
Language: Dual-language (English & Bahasa Malaysia)

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Mechanical systems can be included elements of infrastructure, plant and machinery, tool and components, heating and ventilation and so on. Electrical systems might include, power supply and distribution, telecommunications, computing instrumentation, control systems and so on.

The main objective of this course is to expose the participants to the Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) work in buildings. M & E equipment are the most important components in modern buildings and to maintain them are the crucial task for the engineering or maintenance department. This is ideal course for technicians and maintenance personnel that are working in a maintenance environment.


Modul 1: Principle of Air Conditioning Systems.

  • Introduction of air conditioning system.
  • Standard units, Metric units and their equivalent.
  • Pressure units and abbreviations

Modul 2: Types Of Air Conditioning System

  • Basic refrigeration cycle and types.
  • Air conditioning system component (compressor, evaporator and condenser)
  • Basic calculation for thermal comfort

Modul 3: HVAC Ducting & Piping System

  • Introduction of air distribution system.
  • Basic calculation for ducting design.
  • Motor, pump and filter selection.

Modul 4: Fire Fighting System

  • Legislation, standards and act of law in Malaysia.
  • Fire risk assessment for commercial and residential.
  • Types of sprinklers, smoke detector, hose reel and gas.

Modul 5: Lift And Escalator

  • Lift and escalator operation.
  • Basic component for lift and escalator.
  • Standard model and category for lifts.

Module 6: Basic Electrical Concept & Definitions

  • Direct Current (DC) and Alternating Current (AC)
  • Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution in Malaysia.
  • Introduction of Three Phase & Single Phase

Module 7: Electrical Safety

  • How Electrical shock happen and how to prevent.
  • Basic First Aid procedures.
  • Safety procedures of handling electrical equipment.

Module 8: Legal Compliance

  • Electricity Supply Act and Regulations in Malaysia.
  • Occupation, Safety and Health Act for electrical system
  • Competent Control by Suruhanjaya Tenaga and responsibilities.

Module 9: Operation, Testing & Maintenance

  • Type of testing in Electrical System.
  • Basic operation and handling procedure for electrical equipment.
  • Maintenance of electrical equipment.

Module 10: Electrical Protection

  • Basic electrical protection system
  • Protection devices: fuses, breaker and relays
  • Commercial and residential earthing system.


Question & Answer

What Will I Learn?

  • Understanding what comprises under Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance.
  • Knowing how the operation of each of the system work.
  • Learning the different types of ways to maintain these systems
  • Being able to effectively read systems drawing and layout
  • Understand the functionality of all equipment and the best maintenance practices

Topics for this course

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Material Includes

  • Digital Certificate
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Target Audience

  • Technician
  • Engineers of all disciplines
  • Consultants and Contractors
  • Energy, Building & Maintenance Managers
  • Any individual who wants to learn about Building Services