Steam Boiler – Operation & Maintenance

  • Course level: Beginner

About Course

Date: 30 November 2020 | 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Seat: 30 seats

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This course was created to bring students to understand and learned boiler operation and maintenance practices. It was designed to help take the mystery out of wondering if your boiler is safe and operating efficiently.

Overall, this program is designed to extend boiler life, improve boiler efficiency, and save energy costs for the employer, while establishing a culture of safe work practices.

Individuals involved with residential hot water systems will also find this course extremely valuable.

Module 1 – Introduction to Steam

  • Heat Transfer
  • Fundamentals of steam
  • Steam and condensate system

Module 2 – General Construction of Boiler

  • Types of Boiler
  • Requirement of good boiler
  • Boiler component – tubes, drum, fitting & mounting etc
  • Economiser

Module 3 – Boiler Mountings

  • Mounting & accessories
  • Mounting requirements
  • Safety valves, gauges & blowdown

Module 4 : Basic Calculations of Efficiency of Boiler

  • Enthalpy
  • Carnot Cycle
  • Rankine Efficiency
  • Boiler Efficiency

Module 5 : Combustion

  • Introduction of combustion
  • Heat generation process
  • Types of Burner
  • Burner Position

Question & Answer

What Will I Learn?

  • The fundamentals of boiler operations and system heat transfer
  • The different boiler types: firetube, watertube, sectional, condensing
  • The identification of and purpose of primary and auxiliary boiler system components
  • The major hazards associated with boiler operation and ways to avoid them
  • How to conduct boiler inspections and efficiency tests

Topics for this course

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Target Audience

  • All plant & facilities maintenance technicians
  • Energy management personnel
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Any person needing a basic course in boiler systems.